Learn how to get business credit from banks and others

Personal loans are widely available, but if you are trying to borrow a small business, you will find that the process is more difficult.

If you are considering borrowing to start or grow your business, start and get organized long before you fill out an application. Borrowers want to be sure that they will be repaid, which means that they are looking for several criteria.

Good business sense

Borrowers just want to make a loan that helps you grow your business. You may be sure that the money will help, but you have to convince them of that fact. To do this, make a hierarchical case that proves (without exaggeration) how the funds will lead to greater profits – and income that you can use to repay the loan.

Your business plan is necessary to get approved for a loan. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to make one. You have to show, with certain numbers, how you will make money, how you will spend it, and your big-picture strategy.

Explain who all the players in your business are, especially the management, marketing, and sales roles – these individuals will bring in new business that helps pay off the loan.

It’s okay if you do all these jobs – just explain why it’s your success in those areas as well. Your business plan should also include basic financial statements, pro forma statements, and information about your personal resources.

Building the Foundation

Building the Foundation

Here is a frustrating fact about most small business loans: your personal finances are important.

Banks want to see a history of successful borrowing anytime they lend. This includes credits for your business. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have a history of borrowing (especially new businesses), so lenders look at your personal results. If you have good credit, it is a good sign that you will do well with business loans.

If you have bad credit, lenders will be much weaker in terms of lending. If your credit is “thin” because you haven’t borrowed much in the past (or if you need some repair), you may need to build a loan before your creditors are likely to grant you a loan.

However, borrowers will almost always want to hold you personally responsible for the loan. If they don’t and the business fails, there is no one left to repay them. However, if you are personally guaranteeing a loan (which is most likely a requirement), they can go after you personally, and your personal loan will suffer if you are not paying off.

If you have a collateral loan, you are more likely to get approved. With some businesses, you may be able to lease business assets such as vehicles and equipment (if your business has those types of assets).

You are more likely to have to pledge personal property such as your home or your financial accounts.

Where to lend


Once you are organized and know what to expect, it’s time to start talking to your lenders. You have several options for borrowing, and each option comes with pros and cons. For best results, talk to lenders to understand their requirements and how they work – don’t just fill out an application and hope for a “yes.”

Banks and credit unions are traditional sources of small business lending, and they are a good place to start. Especially with small institutions, you will be able to meet with a lender who can guide you through the process. Larger banks might have access to hands. To improve your chances of getting approved, ask for SBA loans, which reduce bank risk and show interest rates.

The lending process with banks and credit unions can be slow, so be prepared for a long process with a thorough review from the bank.

Business Loan – financing your business to success

Are you starting a business or do you want to enrich your business with something? Do you want to be visible on the market through advertising or do you want something else and you don’t have much money? You can use a loan for entrepreneurs. This loan is divided into two main categories. The first is a business loan from the banking sector. The banking sector offers low-interest loans, but the condition is proof of income and an absolutely clean register of repayments, such as cars and other things. The second sphere is the non-banking sector. The disadvantage of non-bank loans is that they have high interest rates. The entrepreneur pays unnecessarily on interest than on bank loans. However, the advantage is that if you have an entry in the debtors’ registers,

Why a loan for entrepreneurs?

Why a loan for entrepreneurs?

The main reason is the relatively low administration associated with obtaining a loan. If you are a doctor or veterinarian, a lawyer and a similar entrepreneur, you do not need to file a tax return, just prove your income for the last 3 months and, for example, a document or contract with a health insurance company. However, a very important criterion is the establishment of a lien on real estate. Most often, large amounts are borrowed, for which it is necessary to guarantee certain assets. It is often guaranteed by real estate, but it can also be guaranteed by the property of your company’s company or trade, cars, etc. Approval of such a loan takes a maximum of 3 days. The loan for entrepreneurs is provided up to tens of millions of dollars. However, the bank will never provide an amount higher than 70% of the value of the mortgaged property. The maturity of this loan is from 12 months to 20 years.

Bank loan for entrepreneurs

Bank loan for entrepreneurs

To get a business loan from a bank, you usually need at least a two-year and multi-year history of your business, whether as a natural or legal person. You must file a tax return, which must be in order. You should be without any claim. If you want to borrow money, you must not have an entry in the register of borrowers. You must always arrange this loan in person. This loan for sole proprietors and entrepreneurs can be arranged very quickly and can be purposeful as well as non-purpose.

Non-bank loan for entrepreneurs

Non-bank loan for entrepreneurs

When processing such a non-bank business loan, you may have an entry in the register of borrowers. The disadvantage is the high interest rate and the amount of APR. The great advantage of setting up such a loan is that you do not have to submit so many documents and forms and the equipment is very fast. To complete this loan, you only need a few months of business history and you don’t even need a large income.

The advantages offered by consumer credit

Are you looking for the best way to finance purchases you have always wanted, or do you want to cover your daily expenses? Consumer credit is definitely what you need. This type of credit offers you freedom in your acquisitions, but, it should be noted that certain points must be considered when you want to subscribe to this type of loan.


Consumer credit, functionality

Consumer credit


Consumer loans are non-real estate loans with a sum of between 200 and 75,000 dollars. The repayment term of the loan must be more than 3 months. In terms of subscription conditions, this is often stipulated when signing the loan contract.

First, there is variable rate revolving credit, which is often used for short-term borrowing. This is used most of the time to build a fund which will be reimbursed as the borrower pays his monthly payments. Then you can find the fixed rate credit which is often appreciated for a slightly longer repayment term.

Aside from that, you can also choose between the assigned personal credit, intended for the purchase of a well-defined property and requiring proof to be presented to your bank; as well as unallocated personal credit to give you more freedom in its use. Note that in the case where the sale is canceled, the current credit is also canceled for the case of the consumer credit affected.


The advantages of this type of credit

credit loans


Consumer credit is attracting more and more households but also individuals who wish to constitute a fund for a personal project. Thanks to the funds granted by the bank or the financial institution, the borrower will not risk incurring expenses not proportional to his budget.

He also has a right of withdrawal of 14 days, in the event that the loan does not suit him or simply that he has changed his mind. This right gives him the opportunity to reconsider his purchasing decisions on the days indicated. If before the Lagarde law of 2011, the right of withdrawal was one week, today, this is extended by one week more.

The borrower will have the freedom to choose the borrowing rate that suits him, even if for purchases of more than 1,000 dollars, the conventional loan will be at a fixed rate. On the other hand, for purchases less than this amount, the borrower is free to opt for a fixed rate or a variable rate.

And, as consumer credit is one of the so-called legal loans, the bank must consult the FICP file before giving its approval for the granting of the loan. This avoids the problem of default or insolvency of the borrower in the short or long term.

For the bank or the financial institution, this operation constitutes a non-negligible profit because the interest rates charged are sometimes higher compared to the market rate. And from an economic point of view, growth is assured because consumer credit encourages people to spend and consume more.

Business loans for small businesses

Running or starting your own business and turning your business idea into action is something that many people dream of today. The freedom to run one’s own and to be one’s own manager is something that attracts many. Another reason may also be that you want to develop a business that you really are passionate about or test a new form of work that is different from being employed. Did you know that self-employment is actually the country’s most common profession.

According to data, there are 1.2 million companies in the country, about 96% are small companies with less than 10 employees and only 0.1% companies have more than 250 employees. Four out of five new jobs are created in small and medium-sized companies.

Financing a business

Financing a business

Other important aspects are budget and financing. As a small business, extra capital may be required during start-up or during the first business side. Those who already run a small business then have dreams and aspirations for it to grow and develop further. You may need to make the necessary purchases for your business to reach the next stage of development or funding for something else.

You can apply for funding in many different ways, of which the most common way is to borrow money, ie take out a corporate loan. A lot of help regarding business loans and financing can be found online. A convenient and effective way is to visit services where there are several different lenders available in one place. Such an approach gives many more opportunities and saves a lot of time and money.

Corporate loans for small businesses

Corporate loans for small businesses

Our company is a free service that gives your small business an opportunity to apply for a business loan and then compare different offers from more than 19 different banks and lenders. All companies registered in the country and active can use the service and apply for corporate loans. We cooperate with lenders who grant loans to individual companies, limited companies, limited liability companies and trading companies. We have already helped more than 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses to get competitive corporate loans. In addition, our advisors are ready to help in case you have questions and concerns regarding loan offers and your company’s financial situation.

Installment loan for unemployment

Getting the desired installment loan for unemployment can be the easiest thing in the world or almost impossible. Even being able to correctly assess the loan options helps to find the possible installment loan and saves disappointments.

Installment loan for unemployment – it’s that simple

Installment loan for unemployment - it

In some professions, regular short-term unemployment is inevitable. Roofing would be a profession that depends on the weather. If long-term installment loans were excluded for these people, all roofers would walk and live in a rented apartment. The installment loan for unemployment is normal for most providers for the weather-dependent business. As certain as short-term unemployment comes, overtime over the course of the season is as safe.

In addition to the usual job description, a lender also looks at other factors when lending. The ALG 1 must be able to carry the installments safely in bad weather. In addition, the borrower should have demonstrated over a long period of time that he can handle his money. A look at the checking account reveals a lot about the payment behavior of the applicant. The clerk does not want to see chargebacks due to insufficient funds or a permanent overdraft. Regardless of the salary account, as with almost all credit requests, the Credit Bureau information must of course be pure.

Installment loan with ALG 1 without a specific job prospect

Installment loan with ALG 1 without a specific job prospect

Not everyone affected by unemployment only has the problem of seasonal restrictions. In these cases, too, an installment loan for unemployment remains possible. However, based on ALG 1 only, the credit opportunities are drastically limited. A short-term installment loan from a mail order company remains possible without the help of friends or family.

Mail order credits are used to promote sales. In the interest of sales, the bar for lending is set as low as possible. Mail order house loans generally have a very short term, which is usually still covered by the remaining duration of ALG 1. In this case, only the Credit Bureau must be clean and allow the amount of ALG 1 to be repaid.

A small loan from an online provider would also be conceivable. Again, the simplified credit check process improves credit opportunities. However, not everyone can enjoy the desired small loan without help. A solvent guarantor can become indispensable for approval.

Credit from private

Credit from private

The private loan, without following the rules of the established banking system, offers loan offers to people who do not get a normal loan. Contact with private donors can now be easily established via the Internet.

The installment loan for unemployment via one of the two market-leading platforms is particularly promising. A clean Credit Bureau is also an advantage here, but not an absolute requirement for a microcredit. Even in ALG 2 – there are – from private – credit opportunities.

Ways to modify loans


Banks can change the terms of your loan to make payment more affordable. These changes are often referred to as loan modifications, and may be permanent or temporary. We will talk about the specific changes that could happen here. For an overview of modifications, including how to ask your lender, see What is a loan modification?

Types of loan modifications

Types of loan modifications

There are several ways to change a loan.

The ultimate goal is to make it easier for you to keep paying and stay home (and, most importantly, avoid foreclosure).

Some of these options are better than others – think about which one will benefit you the most so that you will be ready when talking to your lender. Lenders will not always offer all of these options, and you may need to negotiate and continue looking for the most useful results (such as a major reduction) – if those options are even available.

Gradual payment

In some cases, you can easily skip a few loan payments, which offers short-term relief from short-term issues. If you are between work (with payroll security on the horizon) or have several medical bills to pay, this might be a good option. Although you will need to make these payments at some point. Your lender will add those missed payments to the end of your loan, which means it will take several extra months to repay the debt.

Moreover, you will pay more interest in this option.

Major downside

Major downside

The most attractive option is for your lender to reduce the total amount of your loan. Simply, you would owe less on the loan, and you would get a new monthly payment based on a smaller loan amount. This solution is rarely available (but always worth a try) because lenders are usually unable or unwilling to forgive debt.

If you are lucky enough to have this opportunity, discuss the implications with your tax advisor before moving on.

Rate Reduction

If your lender reduces your accrued interest rate (APR) on your loan, your monthly payments will also fall. The rate cut may only be temporary, so be sure to read the details of your deal and plan ahead.

Long Term

Long Term

Your lender can also extend the loan term or the number of years you have to pay. The longer you pay, the lower your payments. However, you will pay more interest because you owe it for a longer period of time. See below for tips to find out exactly how much more you would pay.

Refinance a loan

You may be able to exchange credit for another loan. For example, you would pay for an existing loan and replace it with a loan that comes with a lower interest rate and a longer repayment period (which would result in reduced monthly payments). Again, this can lead to higher interest costs over the life of the loan, and closing down refinancing costs can be expensive.

To see how changes in interest rate, term and principal affect your monthly payment, see our Loan Amortization Calculator.

Post Graduate Social Institute loan scholarships: Application guide

Social Institute postgraduate scholarships: who they are for

Social Institute postgraduate scholarships: who they are for

The academic courses foresee costs that put a strain on the family menage, especially when it comes to masters and doctorates. However, the children of public employees and pensioners can use the Social Institute scholarships, which cover the costs associated with post-university and professional training.

The service is provided by Social Institute Public Employee Management and is carried out through competitions. The resources provided to the winners are intended to meet, even if not in full, the costs relating to the academic year (or more generally school).

In fact, both children and orphans of public employees and pensioners who attend schools and those involved in the university sector benefit from this opportunity. The admitted workers or pensioners belong to the Public Employee Management and the Master’s Management.

To obtain the Social Institute postgraduate scholarships, the candidate must participate in the tenders announced by the Social Security Institute. These are published in the “Welfare Initiatives” section of the Social Institute portal.

The request must be submitted online by the parent or guardian, if the child is a minor, otherwise the student will take care of the application. The user must have the Social Institute Pin and access the ” Online Services ” section. From here it is necessary to click the link “Services for the citizen” and then “Services ex Government Agency”. Among the services, the “Scholarships” item must be selected.

Government Agency postgraduate scholarships: the selection of candidates

Government Agency postgraduate scholarships: the selection of candidates

What are the criteria for evaluating applications? The factors relevant to the selection are numerous and indicated in detail in the call. In general, however, we can note that the skimming is based on the student’s academic performance, but the Isee indicator also has an impact. The condition that guarantees the greatest chance of obtaining the loan provides for an excellent return and a low Isee.

If the student is an orphan or disabled person, he or she can count on special treatment, but this only affects scholarships related to the first and second cycle of education.

Another category for which concessions are provided, is made up of university and post-university students away from home (the residence cannot coincide with the region where the university course is located).

Those who have already obtained other Social Institute facilities, from the State or from other institutions, whose value is greater than half the size of the scholarship, cannot apply for Social Institute scholarships.

Buy house despite Credit Bureau is often regarded as collateral if you want to take out a real estate loan

The thought of having your own property in old age for which you no longer have to pay rent or credit is common to many people. But implementing a property purchase is not always easy. Sometimes it fails because of the lack of equity, sometimes entries in the Credit Bureau make it seem impossible to obtain a loan. Buying a house despite Credit Bureau – is that actually possible? As a credit intermediary, Infra Bank is very interested in fulfilling this wish. Thanks to our extensive network of partner banks, there is a good chance that we will be able to receive construction finance despite Credit Bureau. It’s also very easy to do online.

Free credit request With a net loan of $ 4,000 and a loan of 72 months, 2/3 of the new customers receive in advance. an eff. Interest rate pa of 7.9% or less (born debit rate 6.45% pa) Important: In your own interest, please do not make any further credit inquiries, as multiple inquiries (also from other providers) can lead to irritation and the blocking periods can be imposed by the banks in question.

Buy house Credit Bureau at Infra Bank

Buy house Credit Bureau at Infra Bank

Home finance plays an important role when planning your own property. For a first overview, you can use a mortgage calculator. Also indicate here if you have a home savings contract. This is often regarded as collateral if you want to take out a real estate loan. Maybe you have already bought the house and your follow-up financing is due. A suitable installment loan is helpful here. This allows you to get a replacement faster and benefit. But it is not just debt restructuring or debt relief that has advantages for you. A comparison via Infra Bank helps you to find suitable financing to be able to buy a house despite Credit Bureau. Building finance with a Credit Bureau that receives less positive information is difficult to implement. However, it is not impossible. Thanks to our extensive network of partner banks, we can provide you with fair conditions. This also applies if you want to buy a house despite Credit Bureau.

So you benefit from buying a house without Credit Bureau from Infra Bank

So you benefit from buying a house without Credit Bureau from Infra Bank

Infra Bank can help you get construction finance without Credit Bureau. We have years of experience in finding the right financing. Our financing advisors are also happy to answer any questions you may have. Buying a house without Credit Bureau can be a real challenge. However, this does not mean that it is not possible. Good advice and a selection of fair loan offers is the most important basis.

There are various reasons for a Credit Bureau that has multiple entries. Personal bankruptcy is one of the causes, an overdrafting current account or unpaid installments is another. At Infra Bank you submit your loan application with the desired amount and have no upfront costs. You don’t have to make a credit decision directly. After your loan application, we first check what a loan contract could look like for you. This is the basis for your real estate financing.

With Infra Bank you benefit above all from a very fast processing. Sometimes it also has to be quick when buying or building a property. We can choose from different lenders and thus provide you with different offers for your building finance without Credit Bureau.

When will the amount for the house purchase be paid out despite Credit Bureau?

When will the amount for the house purchase be paid out despite Credit Bureau?

Would you like to become a property buyer and have made a financing request? Using the loan calculator, have you already calculated what your monthly installment may look like and what it looks like with a fixed interest rate and a special repayment? Can a modernization loan also be interesting for you? With Infra Bank you have the opportunity to get a loan quickly and easily. To do this, you submit your loan application to us online. We check whether all relevant information is available. If something is still missing, we will let you know immediately.

After the first offers for a possible loan contract for real estate financing have been received, we will send them to you. You can now see whether the conditions are suitable for you. Check the general conditions for the annuity loan. What is the monthly rate? When is the loan paid off? Will it be cheaper if the spouse is included? If you have decided, a legitimation is necessary. You can do this at Infra Bank via VideoIdent. This makes it even faster and your loan amount can be transferred within a very short time after successful execution.

What exactly does buying a house mean despite Credit Bureau?

What exactly does buying a house mean despite Credit Bureau?

Lenders usually secure themselves through an examination at Credit Bureau to ensure that the applicant is also solvent. Entries in the Credit Bureau have a bad effect on your score. These applications are not always in debt. However, it can of course happen that you have not had such good times in the past and your score is no longer optimal in this way. Above a certain score, banks often refuse the loans or require other collateral, such as a high mortgage value of the property, a second borrower for home financing or other information in the self-disclosure that you have collateral.

If you know that your Credit Bureau entry is not optimal, you can also buy a house in spite of Credit Bureau, although this variant also checks the Credit Bureau, but negative entries do not necessarily have an effect on a loan approval. We at Infra Bank have such a large network of possible financing partners that a provider can often be found here despite Credit Bureau.

Important to know: Despite the Credit Bureau, the interest that your mortgage calculator has spent on a real estate loan can no longer match. For additional protection, lenders often increase interest rates on lending. An affidavit may also be required of you.

What do my offers look like?

What do my offers look like?

If you want to buy a house as a borrower despite Credit Bureau, you must be well informed. The offers made available to you by Infra Bank are based on the price regulation . This ensures that you are informed about all costs. This applies to the APR as well as to other borrowing costs. The basis is a transparent breakdown.

Check your offers for a real estate loan for the loan amount, the building interest and the fixed interest rate. Check whether there are any preliminary costs, a borrowing rate fix or a special repayment is noted. Infra Bank will also be happy to advise you on finding the right offer for you.

Submit your home loan application online despite Credit Bureau

Submit your home loan application online despite Credit Bureau

With Infra Bank you have the opportunity to quickly apply for real estate financing without Credit Bureau online. To do this, do the following:

Step 1: Indicate that you want to use real estate financing despite Credit Bureau.
Step 2 : Enter your desired loan amount and leave your data and information about the self-disclosure.
Step 3 : leave your account details.

As soon as your application has been received, you will receive information from Infra Bank as a live ticker for your request.

Real estate financing despite Credit Bureau from Infra Bank

Real estate financing despite Credit Bureau from Infra Bank

With real estate financing despite Credit Bureau from Infra Bank, you have the opportunity to buy a house even if your score at Credit Bureau is not optimal. In most cases, Infra Bank will find the right financing for you as a credit broker. You have the opportunity to make comparisons and find the optimal conditions for you.

If you have any questions about the financing of your dream property, you can also contact Infra Bank. Our advisors are at your side.

Does buying a house work despite Credit Bureau?

Does buying a house work despite Credit Bureau?

Buying a house despite Credit Bureau is actually not that easy. Problems with inquiries from regular banks can certainly arise here. The requirements for lending are strict and rejection of an application is not uncommon. However, some banks give loans even if your Credit Bureau is not optimal. In this case, the conditions are adjusted so that the bank can increase its security. How high the interest is depends on your net loan amount and on your information on self-disclosure.

With Infra Bank you can first make your application free of charge and without obligation and then take a look at the offers in peace.

A virtual credit card: how does it work?

Secure payment, virtual payment card, virtual credit card “Safety first” is a well-known saying. This golden rule applies to all aspects of our daily lives, including the internet. If you consider that six in ten people are already shopping online, then you understand that online safety is crucial. Protection ensures that our data is secure, so you have less chance of fraud. This security also partly explains the rise of the virtual credit card, but how does this card work?


1. What is a virtual credit card?

virtual credit card?

With a virtual bank card you can pay securely online. As the name suggests, the transactions are completely virtual. The virtual credit card compliments your current payment card. An amount is transferred from your credit card to a temporary digital credit card.

The virtual credit card works exactly the same as a normal credit card and therefore shares the same characteristics:

  • There is a safety code (CVC)
  • Cardholder’s Name
  • Expiration date
  • Card number

In the case of a virtual credit card you obviously have no real front or back, since it is only a digital product.

The big difference with the traditional credit card is that you receive a credit card number, expiration date and a security code for every purchase with the virtual credit card. The system is simple. You receive the virtual data from your bank, or from an application or website that provides you with new card details with every visit.


2. What benefits can you enjoy?

credit cards

The virtual credit card number that you receive replaces the number of your physical card so that the seller does not see this. This makes the transaction protected against hackers, because the virtual card exists only temporarily and your real card is not part of the transaction.

The big disadvantage is that the virtual credit card is only valid for a specific transaction and amount. This means that you must enter the correct amount for the virtual credit card for each purchase.

If you use this system, you can shop online more securely. It becomes practically impossible to become a victim of fraud. Prevention is better than cure and it is therefore always good to be protected as well as possible. Use our comparison tool to find the best credit card with these and other benefits.

Credit Opportunity for Postpaid Line Users

Banks operating in our country try to be informed about the debtor by applying much information such as past loan payment performance, credit score, enforcement, and foreclosure record of the borrower before meeting the credit demands of their customers.

While doing this, one of the methods they frequently use is Good Finance Bureau records. These records include the credit, credit rating and payment performance that the person has received. The fact that the information here is negative causes the loan application to be rejected.

Credit standing


If your credit standing is damaged in this way, unfortunately, no bank will lend you in Turkey. Therefore; Evaluating other alternatives to get credit is very important to solve your urgent need. One of these alternative ways is the possibility of a postpaid or even a loan.

Banks operating in our country try to be informed about the debtor by applying much information such as past loan payment performance, credit score, enforcement, and foreclosure record of the borrower before meeting the credit demands of their customers. While doing this, one of the methods they frequently use is Good Finance Bureau (KKB) records. These records include the credit, credit rating and payment performance that the person has received.

The fact that the information here is negative causes the loan application to be rejected. If your credit standing is damaged in this way, unfortunately, no bank will lend you in Turkey. Therefore; Evaluating other alternatives to get credit is very important to solve your urgent need. One of these alternative ways is the possibility of a postpaid or even a loan.

Credit Opportunity On Postpaid Line


hide table of contents 1 Postpaid Line Credit Opportunity 2 Invoiced Line Credit Curiosity 2.1 Postpaid Credit Services

Another way to get the loans you cannot get from the banks due to having open follow-up accounts, bad records, low credit points, not regularly paid your loans, and enforcement and foreclosure records are to take loans over the postpaid line. If you have an open postpaid line, some companies offer credit to the postpaid line.

Even if your registry is corrupt, you can safely withdraw these loans, which you can easily get, and payback in installments. Installments of these loans, which can be taken by people using lines such as Avea, Turkcell, Vodafone and those with fixed home telephone lines, are reflected on your phone bills. Your cash needs can be resolved easily by issuing loans on postpaid lines.

Intruders on Postpaid Line Credit


When you cannot solve your urgent need for credit through the bank, one of the methods you can apply safely, the postpaid line loan system is an important source of funding especially for people with low credit points.

With this system, where you can create financing for your needs easily and quickly without requiring any guarantor, you can pay your debt to another institution or person, and pay your installments in installments by making your previous cash payments. Moreover, with this system, which is very low cost compared to normal credit, you can make long terms according to the credit you will get.

Thus, you can pay your debt from month to month with the possibility of a postpaid line loan. Your loan burden will be reduced by applying a long-term loan to the loan you get. In addition, with the loan you get, your payments will be organized and your credit score in the KKB system will increase.

Thus, your credibility will increase in the eyes of other financial institutions. However; These transactions are carried out on a completely legal basis and there is no illegal situation in the transactions. You can see the detailed payment information on your invoice, as the payment of these loans, which are obtained from completely secure institutions, will be reflected on your phone bill.

In addition, the postpaid credit facility is only valid for postpaid lines and it is not a valid application for prepaid lines.

Postpaid Credit Services


Our company, which has extended loans to people with bad records, offers you the opportunity to loan over the postpaid line through the institutions it has contracted with. You can pay your debt comfortably from month to month with low installments with the postpaid line loan facility that you can meet your urgent needs very easily and very quickly.

As soon as you fill out the application request form on our website and send it to us, our expert team will contact you to request detailed information about your loan request. So; You can get credit over the postpaid line at low cost and quickly, without the hassle of paperwork.