French fiberglass maker hires 400 people as part of $28 million expansion in Georgia | Business


DUBLIN, Ga. (AP) — A French manufacturer said it would restart the fiberglass furnace at a Georgia plant it bought in 2019, investing $28 million and hiring 400 new workers.

Saint-Gobain announced on Wednesday that its ADFORS unit would expand the factory it bought for $17.5 million in Dublin, Georgia.

A Latvian firm, Valmiera Glass, spent $110 million on the plant in two phases that were completed in 2018, but went bankrupt in 2019 and laid off 350 workers. Saint-Gobain bought the factory during Valmiera’s bankruptcy proceedings.

The plant manufactures fiberglass which is used for insulation, heat protection and other uses. Saint-Gobain said restarting the furnace would allow it to double North American fiberglass production.

Marie Gordon, spokeswoman for Georgia’s Ministry of Economic Development, said the state would pay for workers’ job training, but did not provide value for the aid.

Saint-Gobain could claim various tax breaks, including an income tax credit allowing it to deduct $4,000 per job annually from state income tax, up to $8 million over five years. , provided workers earn at least $30,628 per year. If Saint-Gobain doesn’t earn enough to owe that much tax, the state would pay it personal income taxes from workers’ paychecks to make up the rest. The company could also benefit from local tax breaks.

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