How can a site survey benefit your business?


We cannot stress enough the importance of a site survey. Whether you are building new offices, a new warehouse or doing research for a mine, it is necessary that a site survey be carried out before starting work. Site surveying is in many cases the same as surveying, but it can also be slightly different, as in some cases site surveying involves inspecting a different type of area than surveying.

All in all, a site survey is an inspection of where you plan to start some work and in this way you will get a lot of very important information, both about the area itself and about other things, regarding legal issues. Your development project may fail just because you didn’t do the site survey or you didn’t do it right. We’ll give you answers to how a site survey can benefit your business, as well as other site survey basics you need to know.

What is the site survey?


First you need to know what exactly a site survey is. When you plan to start working in a certain field, even if you think you have all the necessary information and it is very accurate, it is very likely that you are missing at least a few additional elements. What exactly you should focus on depends on the nature of the project. The site survey is used for so many different types of projects that it is impossible to list them all. For example, the site survey can give you answers to questions about the location of property lines and more.

Today you can take advantage of site survey software, which will make it much easier to capture site survey data “on the fly”, which can be very complex if you don’t use software. . Site survey software is designed to cater for different types of site survey. Whether you need a site survey software and app for AV systems or something completely different, the features will make it easier to find out what data you have. AT you can see the features offered by a site survey software.

How can a site survey benefit your business?

If after explaining what a site survey is, it doesn’t seem like it’s that important to your business, keep reading and understand why it’s necessary to do it and how your business will benefit from it.

Safe investment


One of the main advantages of this type of research is accuracy. Since people often make mistakes, it is best to choose a site survey. In this case, you will significantly reduce errors. Imagine starting a huge project, only to half realize you’re working in a flood zone. Or that the issues around the property and with him have not been resolved. This would have catastrophic consequences for you, the project, and therefore for the company, which could go bankrupt because of it.

Win time

Every successful entrepreneur knows how precious time is. This means you won’t waste one of your company’s most valuable resources. The organization of time is the key to success and that is why it is important to know how to manage it. For example, think about the time you spend completing a project, developing a work plan, or doing something else. Don’t forget the time you spend on the analytical part of the work, research, etc. All of this would be in vain if you fail to do a site survey.

Cost reduction


Another important resource of any business is money. It is therefore the basis of any business, which means that cost control is a priority. If you’ve noticed you’ve been spending more money lately, try minimizing direct and indirect business costs. Decide on moves that will not affect the quality of work and will provide you with higher productivity. Although the site survey may seem like an extra expense, you’ll save money this way in the long run since you’ll avoid many pitfalls.

Quick Scan

As soon as the answers are entered into the system, you will very quickly get the result of the analysis. You can use them at any time, view the results in real time and react faster. All data will still be available for you to analyze again if you encounter an obstacle.

Facilitate the work of the construction team


While it might not seem like a priority to make a construction team’s job easier, it’s actually very important to you. When the construction team has all the necessary information, they will work faster and more efficiently, and therefore you will have to pay less, because there will be fewer working days. In addition, the possibility of making a mistake, for example damaging a pipe and the like, is greatly reduced. It also reduces the possibility of having additional costs and shifting the completion time of the work.


Most cities are so divided that there are residential parts, industrial parts, as well as mixed parts. You know for sure if you are in a residential or industrial area, but things can be more complicated than that. Zoning jurisdiction can be very tricky, and a site survey will help you discover the exact classification of your property. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to discover something they didn’t know about zoning classification. It often happens that after a land survey and zoning issues, owners contact lawyers to make sure everything is done according to the law.


When you want to insure your project, most insurance companies will ask you for a site survey report. If you don’t have it, many of them will refuse to offer you an insurance plan or will ask you to do a survey before taking the next steps. This is why a site survey should be one of the first things you do when starting any particular construction or other work. When hiring experts to do this for you, keep in mind that there are different types of surveys such as boundary, subdivision, location, site planning survey and many more.


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