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If you love Wawa’s food but hate other customers for always politely holding the door open or …

“We need more people than ever before,” Morey said. “And we’ll always have someone who will be there to check on our customers.”

The new services have certain drawbacks. Delivery orders are less profitable for Wawa with the additional delivery cost, but the company hopes to grow this customer base. The company has successfully tested the delivery on its own, but for now it’s sticking to third-party services, Morey said.

History of change

Wawa, the 23rd largest private company by revenue according to Forbes, has a long history of significant change. It went from an iron foundry to processing milk at the start of the 20th century. When the milk delivery business dried up, the company opened its first food market in 1964. It now has stores in six states and Washington DC and employs 38,000 people.

When Wawa saw consumers turn to prepared foods, their deli went from selling deli meats to making hoagies, said Stanton, the former Wawa consultant. He recalled a meeting in which a senior executive said the chain would never sell gasoline. Today, it has 60 charging stations for electronic vehicles.

Some additions to Wawa, such as the order booth, have proven to be big hits, Stanton said. Others, like the baristas who brew specialty Starbucks coffees, have fallen flat. Regardless, he credits the company for trying things that customers might like.

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