It’s a Silver Stevie for Arkose Labs at the 2022 American Business Awards


Arkose Labs has done it again! We are the Silver Stevie Winner for being the Most Innovative Technology Company of the Year at the 2022 American Business Awards

My joy knows no bounds today as I share this we won the Silver Stevie Award at the 2022 American Business Awards. We were recognized in the “Most Innovative Technology Company of the Year” category for our innovative work to spoil fraudsters where it hurts: their wallets. This is our third award in less than a month, having been recognized by Wave Forrester and Aite-Novarica Grouprecently.

Now in their 20’sand year, the Stevie Awards are the most prestigious business awards in the world. They honor the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and professionals around the world. For Arkose Labs, winning this coveted award is a huge honor. This is recognition of our efforts to help digital businesses bankrupt fraud business model to ensure their consumers Account Security long term.

Recognition for our innovative approach to fraud prevention

Today, with online fraud and abuse at an all-time high, businesses need an innovative approach that allows them to balance future-proof account security with improved user experience. Arkose Labs enables digital businesses to strike that right balance with a consumer-centric approach. Our award-winning platform offers each incoming user a chance to prove their authenticity.

Based on a real-time risk assessment of each user, the platform presents adaptive and enhanced application challenges. Good consumers don’t usually encounter these challenges, and those who do find it fun to solve them. Bots and automated scripts fail instantly. We train our challenges against the most advanced machine vision technologies, so even the most intelligent robots cannot erase them.

For persistent, malicious humans, the challenges keep growing in volume and complexity. The goal is to waste attackers’ resources. To meet the large-scale challenges, an attacker would need additional time, effort, and resources, which erodes the profitability of the attack. In the absence of any feedback, the attack becomes financially unviable and the attacker moves to the next target that does not have Arkose Labs protection.

Our ability to use targeted friction to erode profits deters attackers from attacking in the future. Genuine consumers, on the other hand, can continue their digital interactions without suffering unnecessary friction. This defense-in-depth approach helps global enterprises confidently combat evolving attack tactics. The Stevie Awards recognized our innovative approach to fraud prevention which hits attackers where it hurts the most – their wallets.

Continuous innovation for future-proof protection

We help businesses meet the growing challenge of industrialized fraud attacks with a robust set of robot detection unique technologies and capabilities in terms of our exclusive application challenges. We continually push the boundaries to deliver world-class protection to our customers. For example, our challenges are accessible to a wide range of consumers with varying levels of ability. We introduced the Industry’s First $1 Million Credential Stuffing Guarantee and have recently introduced Detect Arkosisa transparent detection solution.

All of these innovations would not have been possible without the hard work of our incredible teams and the strong support of our customers, partners and investors. Many thanks for your continued trust and support.

To learn more about our recognition as the “Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year” award, please click here.

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