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How Virginia can help my small business

For several years, I spent sleepless nights worrying: will my small business go bankrupt?

My company, Walkabout Outfitter, has six locations across Virginia, including Roanoke. Some were in danger of collapsing under the crippling weight of COVID mandates, government shutdowns and taxes. At every stage of this crisis, we have had to deal with lower sales, higher costs, fewer customers and more paperwork. It’s paralyzing.

Small businesses are the backbone of Virginia’s economy. I employ about 35 people. In total, small businesses employ 1.5 million Virginians. The State would not be the same without us. Yet, over the past two years, it seems that policy makers have sought to destroy us.

The regulations were the worst. I spent too much time following orders from bureaucrats rather than working on my business.

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Things got so bad that my husband and I didn’t pay each other for 10 months. We took care of our managers because it was the right thing to do. If we hadn’t saved up, Walkabout Outfitter probably wouldn’t be here.

I didn’t start a small business to fight the government to stay in business. When did small business become the villain?

The worst of the pandemic is over, but many burdens still hang over us. This is why I need our governor and state legislators to focus on saving small businesses.

First, give us tax relief. By reducing small business taxes, we will be able to come back stronger, grow and hire more people, and move our communities forward.

Second, cut red tape. Pandemic mandates must go. Less regulation means more time and money spent helping my small business grow and hire.

Third, fix unemployment insurance. The state trust fund is low, and if it’s not topped up, I’m looking at huge tax hikes. Virginia should use all the federal money she got instead of taking more money from my small business.

I’ve spent too many nights wondering if tomorrow my little business will go under. With the proper help from our leaders, I hope never to worry about it again.

Oh the hypocrisy! republicans

Former President Donald Trump recently said that if re-elected President in 2024, he would consider pardoning the insurgents of the Jan. 6 riot in Washington, D.C. Let me present another scenario to him:

Back to the 2016 election. Donald Trump won the electoral vote but lost the popular vote. Hillary Clinton claims she won the election because she got the most votes. The American people chose her because more people voted for her than for Trump. She claims the election was stolen from her. Hillary tells her supporters there will be a big January 6 protest march in Washington on the same day Congress meets to ratify the election results. She tells her supporters to be there – it was going to be crazy!

On January 6, at the protest rally in Washington, she declares that the election was stolen from them; the American people had clearly spoken and elected their president. She says if they “didn’t fight like crazy, they wouldn’t have a country.” She says “now is not the time to falter”. She then states that they are going to the Capitol and that she would be with them. She then disappears.

His supporters then descend towards the Capitol. In addition to his regular supporters, there are members of antifa and Black Lives Matter. The crowd chants “Fight for Hillary” and storms the Capitol with the same results as Trump supporters.

Would the Republican delegation to Congress be so silent and lenient in the face of this situation? No, they wouldn’t!

They would demand an urgent investigation by Congress and the Department of Justice. They would like to prosecute all participants to the fullest extent permitted by law.

As for Hillary Cllinton, they would resurrect their old chant of “Lock her up!” Would Trump still want to forgive these abused “patriots”?

What a bunch of hypocrites!

Grateful for Youngkin in Richmond

I am a 40-year veteran as a teacher for Roanoke County Public Schools and past president of the Roanoke County Education Association and two-term president of the Virginia Council for the Social Studies.

At one point, I was very proud of my association membership and being a lifetime member of the National Education Association. Pride in not being a union and not being pressured by liberal socialists from corrupt Washington leaders.

I loved my field of teaching to which I had dedicated my life. Same for my wife, who also taught for the county for 40 years. But now we worry about what happened to him.

Therefore I express my relief and joy for the new Roanoke County School Board and the newly elected Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, all of whom are brilliantly aware of the origin of our educational system and how it was created.

Union leaders, do your research. The foundations of Virginia schools were laid by parents who listened to Thomas Jefferson. Not a group of greed-filled politicians and educators who thought they could control the minds of our children to be anti-our nation and anti-God. Virginia woke up last November and got rid of the dark dictatorship imposed by liberal socialists.

I pray that this movement will spread across the country during our November elections. I say “God bless America” ​​because God bless Virginia.

Our Orwellian Governor Youngkin

Last night I watched the old black and white adaptation of George Orwell’s “1984”, in which Big Brother sees everything with the help of the thought police and the Ministry of Truth is busy rewriting the story – and it gave me nightmares.

I dreamed that Virginia elected a governor who created a hotline for parents to report their children’s teachers, who favored banning books, who mandated that students not be exposed to anything that makes them uncomfortable, including the truth, and another mandate against a mask requirement in schools, just as the omicron variant of COVID-19 killed even more people than the delta variant – a of those uncomfortable truths teachers in danger should keep to themselves.

I was so relieved when I woke up to realize that…oh wait.


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