Nintendo is suing KupiVip, the bankrupt company that ran its Russian online store, Mir Nintendo


Nintendo of Russia is filing a lawsuit against KupiVip, a company that ran Nintendo’s former flagship online store in the country, for a total of around 963,500 rubles. (about $16,800)

To be clear, this is NOT related to the suspension of the Russian online store. Rather, it focuses on what is the Russian equivalent of Nintendo’s collapsing online store when KupiVip went bankrupt in September 2021.

KupiVip is a clothing retailer that went bankrupt because another Russian company (Yandex)’s plans to acquire them failed.

Mir Nintendo (“World of Nintendo”) was created in 2013 to help establish Nintendo’s image in Russia, and it worked. When Russian retailers refused to carry the Wii U and 3DS, Mir Nintendo was the first Nintendo store in Russia during the Wii U and 3DS era. Nintendo became so established that the Switch was later picked up by regular retailers and the store’s relevance began to fade.

Flash forward to 2021 and the bankruptcy of KupiVip and the old animated store became a single web page with the possibility of pre-ordering certain titles. The last title available for pre-order would have been Triangle Strategy.

Nintendo of Russia has yet to comment on the matter.


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