PML-N vows to resist government ‘mini-budget’ – Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), while rejecting the Pakistani government’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) plan to adopt the mini-budget and relinquish state sovereignty through of a budget bill in Parliament pledged to fight against it with all its might in collaboration with the common opposition to protect the nation from this “flagrant injustice and economic terrorism”.

This was decided on Monday at an important meeting of the parliamentary party in Parliament, which was attended by senior leaders of the PML-N.

The meeting took stock of the country’s economic and political situation. They discussed various strategies to counter the mini-budget and other government bills in Parliament.

They observed that the government had already devastated the economy.

Wrong decisions had crushed the people under the mountain of inflation every day.

Meanwhile, the economic debt hits the ceiling, while the national currency faces constant devaluation.

Industry, textiles, commerce and manufacturing were all on the verge of total collapse, resulting in the loss of millions of jobs, while their families fear starvation.

The constant and unbearable rise in the prices of basic necessities and utilities had broken the kidneys of the nation.

All of this was happening at a time when debt payments were reaching an all-time high of 50.5 trillion rupees in the country’s history.

PML-N leaders said social injustice, cruelty and “economic terrorism” against the Pakistani people must end.

They said the dollar is at an all-time high of Rs181, while alarming news that it is climbing even higher is very worrying.

They pointed out that despite soaring electricity and gas prices, circular debt had doubled in just 3.5 years since the PTI regime.

They said that the spiraling increase in the current account deficit, trade deficit and policy rate was like adding fuel to the fire of economic destruction by this Imran-led regime.

Even those associated with the PTI who had held key positions bear witness to the country’s bankruptcy under this government, they argued.

The meeting agreed that the PTI government had completely failed to protect the national and public interest in the grave circumstances created by this regime. They said people would be forced to commit mass suicides if this government was allowed to continue.

The assembly unanimously agreed that this mini-budget on the IMF directive “would destroy the country like a nuclear bomb”. They said that inflation would increase dramatically as a result. Already stifled industry, commerce and economy would stop breathing altogether and the country would be mortgaged to the International Monetary Fund, they said.

The PML-N parliamentary party ruled that this compromised Pakistan’s sovereignty, which it strongly condemned.

They also said it would be a betrayal against the country, its people and its national interest to enslave Pakistan and relinquish its sovereignty by bulldozing legislation through parliament.

The meeting also condemned the violation of Supreme Court orders by posting an advertisement with Imran’s photo on the Parliament building and demanded that the higher judiciary take note.

They pointed to the irony that the PTI, which criticized the advertisements for Nawaz Sharif’s health card, had crossed all borders for its own shameless self-promotion.

The meeting also urged government allies not to compromise the interests of the nation and the public by becoming part of the anti-public actions of the PTI.

They also discussed the issue of outreach to government allies.

The strategy of ensuring the presence of all parliamentarians from the joint opposition on the day the mini-budget and government bills were tabled was the subject of extensive discussions.

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