Post Graduate Social Institute loan scholarships: Application guide

Social Institute postgraduate scholarships: who they are for

Social Institute postgraduate scholarships: who they are for

The academic courses foresee costs that put a strain on the family menage, especially when it comes to masters and doctorates. However, the children of public employees and pensioners can use the Social Institute scholarships, which cover the costs associated with post-university and professional training.

The service is provided by Social Institute Public Employee Management and is carried out through competitions. The resources provided to the winners are intended to meet, even if not in full, the costs relating to the academic year (or more generally school).

In fact, both children and orphans of public employees and pensioners who attend schools and those involved in the university sector benefit from this opportunity. The admitted workers or pensioners belong to the Public Employee Management and the Master’s Management.

To obtain the Social Institute postgraduate scholarships, the candidate must participate in the tenders announced by the Social Security Institute. These are published in the “Welfare Initiatives” section of the Social Institute portal.

The request must be submitted online by the parent or guardian, if the child is a minor, otherwise the student will take care of the application. The user must have the Social Institute Pin and access the ” Online Services ” section. From here it is necessary to click the link “Services for the citizen” and then “Services ex Government Agency”. Among the services, the “Scholarships” item must be selected.

Government Agency postgraduate scholarships: the selection of candidates

Government Agency postgraduate scholarships: the selection of candidates

What are the criteria for evaluating applications? The factors relevant to the selection are numerous and indicated in detail in the call. In general, however, we can note that the skimming is based on the student’s academic performance, but the Isee indicator also has an impact. The condition that guarantees the greatest chance of obtaining the loan provides for an excellent return and a low Isee.

If the student is an orphan or disabled person, he or she can count on special treatment, but this only affects scholarships related to the first and second cycle of education.

Another category for which concessions are provided, is made up of university and post-university students away from home (the residence cannot coincide with the region where the university course is located).

Those who have already obtained other Social Institute facilities, from the State or from other institutions, whose value is greater than half the size of the scholarship, cannot apply for Social Institute scholarships.