Saskatoon Spas Rally to Honor Bankrupt Business Gift Cards


SASKATOON – Three beauty and spa companies in Saskatoon are helping clients feel ripped off by the Beverly Ashdown Day Spa.

The spa announced it was closing during COVID-19 shutdowns and driving people to the spa’s online store. But the site closed last week, so customers can’t use their gift cards.

CTV News attempted to contact the Beverly Ashdown Day Spa on Tuesday, but all phone lines are disconnected and emails are not resent.

A woman, Taryn Essar, told CTV News she had $ 275 in gift cards she received from her employer earlier this year.

When Jess Tetu from Just For You Spa saw the story, she wanted to help.

Just For You is offering customers a 50% discount on any cosmetic service with a $ 100 gift card.

Tetu said she is working hard to get the details on the company’s website and social media and encourages gift card holders to check out those platforms first or call both locations in the spa.

Poppy & Prairie Spa and Be You Laser go one step further by compensating Beverly Ashdown gift card holders for the full amount of the card with certain restrictions.

Both recommend contacting them directly.

Terry Wasylow of Be You Laser said she wanted to “restore confidence in the industry because when something like the gift card problem occurs it doesn’t speak well for the industry.”

Essar said she never expected something like this to happen.

“I think it’s amazing that they want to help us. Some of us want to use the cards for beauty and spa services rather than products, so that’s great news, ”Essar told CTV News.

Essar said Consumer Affairs told him that all gift card holders must file a claim with their agency.


This story has been updated to include the proper name of Poppy and meadow spa.


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