The battle between Chaparral Ice and The Crossover continues in bankruptcy court


AUSTIN (KXAN) — An ice rink operator and the owners of Cedar Park are at odds after the operator was locked out of the facility and its lease was terminated in February.

Chaparral Ice, which operated the rink and grounds at Cedar Park The Crossover sports facility, posted a letter on its Facebook page accusing the facility’s owner of not letting them remove their property from the grounds. The letter stated that the property was “worth millions of dollars” and that they had to sell the property to “cover our debts.”

“The owner of the Crossover has elected to continue to possess and use the equipment owned by Chaparral Ice and to prevent us from recovering ownership,” the letter reads in part. “This includes everything from skates and rental furniture to machinery essential to the operation of rinks and grass courts. This property is worth millions of dollars, money that Chaparral Ice had to borrow and now has to pay back.

Chaparral Ice said he offered The Crossover owner to buy or lease all the equipment, but said “they didn’t initiate that discussion” and filed a lawsuit claiming ownership of the property. As a result, Chaparral Ice filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The Crossover Sports Complex in Cedar Park. (Photo courtesy of John Mapes Architects)

The direction of The Crossover, however, tells the story differently. They said Chaparral Ice owed the landlord nearly $800,000 before the lease was terminated, and that the landlord and the bank “agreed to four different lease amendments,” to help Chaparral Ice stay in the building.

“When the two parties were unable to agree on a path forward, each party presented a proposal to the bankruptcy court,” management of The Crossover said in a statement. “After careful consideration, he has decided that the path proposed by The Crossover is the most reasonable. We fully respect the court rulings.

The Crossover went on to say that despite being “rooted for their success”, management feels the public letter does not adequately reflect the situation.

“It is incredibly unfortunate that the relationship with Chaparral Ice has become financially unsustainable, and worse now, that their management team portrays the owner as doing anything but bend over backwards to honor commitments to our customers, our community and to fulfill our mission,” The Crossover said.

Chaparral Ice said the court gave them a “short window” to get his property that was not “in dispute” with the establishment, and they are doing it as quickly as possible.

“We remain hopeful that the owner of the Crossover will choose to act in the best interest of fulfilling its important mission – a mission that Chaparral Ice was proud to help establish and advance for Cedar Park and the greater Austin community.” , Chaparral Ice’s letter said.

As the disagreement works its way through bankruptcy court, both groups want the facility to keep running — all things they can agree on. Chaparral Ice still operates its rink in the Northcross Mall, located north of Austin on Anderson Lane.

“Regardless of the evolution of the legal situation, Chaparral Ice plans to restructure our financial situation and continue our operations, without interruption, for the skaters, families and teams of Northcross, as we have done for 26 years”, indicates the letter.

The Crossover, meanwhile, said it would continue to operate the facility during its trial.

“As our financial disputes work their way through the court system, The Crossover continues to keep ice and field operations running – honoring commitments to customers and community organizations, knowing that we will likely never receive the ‘full fees earned for these services,” the statement said. “We have and will continue to wish Chaparral Ice all the best as it restructures.”


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