The opposition unveils its “common charter”


ISLAMABAD: Opposition parties issued a joint charter on Wednesday ahead of Pakistan Day (March 23, 2022), in which they said they believe in an Islamic, federal and parliamentary form of government.

In their charter entitled “Quwwat Akhuwat awam”, they affirmed that they were the guarantors of the social, political and economic rights of the Pakistani people. “And the dream of securing the rights of Pakistanis would materialize by passing the no-confidence motion against the government through the National Assembly. And after that, this kind of Pakistan will be created where there is a supremacy of the constitution,” reads the charter.

It was emphasized in the charter that all administrative institutions in the country must be subordinate to the parliament, which is an elected body and must be the repository of all kinds of political decisions. “The judiciary should be independent and the courts could make decisions without fear or pressure. Likewise, the media must also be free and the freedom of expression of citizens must also be protected,” the charter reads.

He stresses that elected representatives should be answerable only to the masses, who should have the right to either send them back to legislatures or cast them out using their right to vote.

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The United Opposition further claims that due to what it calls the poor governance of Pakistan’s Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government, people from all segments of society, especially the middle class and oppressed, have been hard hit. “Today, the country’s youth are desperate in the face of record inflation and unemployment,” say the opposition parties.

They add that to make matters worse, there is no respite in sight for them as their miseries continue to grow day by day. “And for this ‘selected’ PTI government which is responsible, which wrested from other political parties the mandate that people gave them in the last general election,” the opposition alleged.

“And before the country goes completely bankrupt, it is better to send this government home,” reads the charter.

The charter requires that after the passage of the motion of no confidence, free and fair elections be held in the country so that true representatives of the people can take charge of the affairs of the country.

“Today, on this historic day, all opposition parties promise the nation that after sending the present government home, they will take action on a war footing to rid the nation of inflation, poverty, unemployment, loans, illiteracy, disease and other problems. . And that measures will be taken to bring the country’s economy to the same level as the rest of the world’s economies,” the charter reads. .

“Now is the time for all stakeholders to accept the supremacy of the constitution and strive to build Pakistan according to the vision of the father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah,” the opposition parties say.

It is further stated in the charter that in order to ensure free, fair and transparent elections, electoral reforms will be introduced in the country by consensus. “The opposition parties will protect the Islamic sections of the constitution, the 18th Constitutional Amendment and the basic political and economic rights of citizens as enshrined in the constitution. They will also end all kinds of political interference in politics,” the charter reads.

The united opposition also expresses its attachment to provincial autonomy. It further indicates that concrete steps will be taken for the release of all missing persons. Opposition parties pledge to establish such an institution that will hold corrupt people accountable without any discrimination. They also express their solidarity with the peoples of Kashmir and Palestine occupied by India.


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